Sage places 52 student-athletes on Skyline Conference Fall Scholar-Athlete Squad

Sage places 52 student-athletes on Skyline Conference Fall Scholar-Athlete Squad


NEW YORK, NY – Skyline Conference Commissioner, Linda Bruno has announced the Academic Honor Roll for the 2015 Fall sports season, which honors student-athletes in the conference with a 3.3 grade point average or better while competing in men’s and women’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s tennis and women’s volleyball.

"The Skyline Conference student-athletes continue to exemplify development and dedication to their studies and their sports," said Bruno. "I am proud to recognize these bright young men and women, whose academic performance is a shining example and in line with the NCAA Division III Philosophy Statement."

Listed below are the 52 members of the Academic Honor Roll for the Fall of 2015 from The Sage Colleges:

Name                                                    Class                                      Sport
Zachary Funk                                     Freshman                            Men’s Cross Country

Juan Reyes-Alvarez                         Senior                                   Men’s Cross Country

Lauren Belfast                                   Junior                                    Women’s Cross Country

Kelly DiBiaso                                       Junior                                    Women’s Cross Country

Leanne Egan                                      Senior                                   Women’s Cross Country

Ellyn Fisher                                         Junior                                    Women’s Cross Country

Hannah French                                 Freshman                            Women’s Cross Country

Sagan Leggett                                    Freshman                            Women’s Cross Country

Megan Lugo                                       Senior                                   Women’s Cross Country

Ashley Maresca                                 Senior                                   Women’s Cross Country

Amanda Millington                          Senior                                   Women’s Cross Country

Sarah Montgomery                         Junior                                    Women’s Cross Country

Morgan Rush                                     Junior                                    Women’s Cross Country

Hannah Tighe                                    Junior                                    Women’s Cross Country

DJ Ioele                                           Graduate Student                  Golf

Robert (Casey) Fitzpatrick            Sophomore                                Golf

Chris Dunham                                    Senior                                   Men’s Soccer

Ryan Fairweather                            Freshman                            Men’s Soccer

Evans Frimpong                                Freshman                            Men’s Soccer

Caelan Kohut                                     Sophomore                        Men’s Soccer

Alex Lanza                                           Junior                                    Men’s Soccer

Lai Le                                                     Junior                                    Men’s Soccer

Kyle LeClerc                                        Junior                                    Men’s Soccer

Lucas Phayre-Gonzalez                 Sophomore                        Men’s Soccer

Kevin Saar                                           Sophomore                        Men’s Soccer

Anthony Williamson                       Junior                                    Men’s Soccer

Casey Yurista                                     Senior                                   Men’s Soccer

TJ Zehner                                            Senior                                   Men’s Soccer

Rachel Ball                                           Junior                                    Women’s Soccer

Jamie Hovendon                              Senior                                   Women’s Soccer

Monica Koralus                                 Junior                                    Women’s Soccer

Jordyn Logan                                     Freshman                            Women’s Soccer

Savannah Mason                             Junior                                    Women’s Soccer

Rachel Pratt                                        Freshman                            Women’s Soccer

Shelby Rupenthal                            Senior                                   Women’s Soccer

Shelby Sarraino                                 Junior                                    Women’s Soccer

Rebecca Solari                                   Freshman                            Women’s Soccer

Samantha Trimblett                        Freshman                            Women’s Soccer

Samantha Dibbell                             Sophomore                        Women’s Tennis

Alexandra Faas                                 Junior                                    Women’s Tennis

JoAnna Riven                                     Freshman                            Women’s Tennis

Emily Schultz                                      Freshman                            Women’s Tennis

Katie Schultz                                      Graduate Student           Women’s Tennis

Sara Campolieta                               Junior                                    Women’s Volleyball

Rachel Liebig                                      Junior                                    Women’s Volleyball

Mickey Mango                                  Senior                                   Women’s Volleyball

Devyn Morlock                                 Junior                                    Women’s Volleyball

Katy Rimawi                                       Junior                                    Women’s Volleyball

Morgan Robinson                            Senior                                   Women’s Volleyball

Missy Schneiderman                      Sophomore                        Women’s Volleyball

Amelia Taylor                                     Freshman                            Women’s Volleyball

Siena Wilder                                       Junior                                    Women’s Volleyball